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    Biohacker Summit Video Recording 2023 Amsterdam: Expanding Consciousness

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    Biohacker Summit Video Recording 2023 Amsterdam: Expanding Consciousness

    ‚ā¨48,00 ‚ā¨97,00
    local_offer Tallenna 50%
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    Biohacker Summit Video Recording 2023 Amsterdam: Expanding Consciousness

    Watch top biohacking advice from some of the world's distinguished experts on optimal human performance, health, and well-being. This video bundle has been carefully crafted for your viewing pleasure: HD quality video recordings with multiple camera angles, mastered audio podcast recordings, speaker profiles, and presentation materials. These 61 presentations from Biohacker Summit 2023 Amsterdam totaling 21+ hours of material will help you to expand your consciousness about optimal human performance, health, and wellbeing.


    Are You a conscious person?

    Have you truly done the work to show up at your best in life to be of service, with awareness & responsibility to yourself & others?

    Expanding consciousness is all about gaining a greater understanding of yourself and the world around you. It can help you tap into a deeper sense of purpose & meaning, and open you up to new ways of thinking & being.

    Tools that humans have used for eons to expand consciousness are numerous including but not limited to meditation, breathwork & bodywork, sensory deprivation, neurofeedback & biofeedback, yoga, tantra & mantras, sound journeys & dance, nutrition, supplements, herbalism & psychedelics, technologies & wearables, nature walks, hikes & trips, physical feats such as exercise, heat alteration, sauna and ice baths, personal development techniques, and spirituality.

    Whether you're looking for personal growth, professional or spiritual fulfillment, or simply a new perspective on life, our conference will provide practical tools, new perspectives, and concrete plans to help you become a better version of yourself.

    Presentations in the Bundle

    Biohacker Summit 2023 Amsterdam

    Main Stage

    • Teemu Arina (FI) - Modern & Ancient Technologies for Expanding Consciousness
    • Satyen Raja (CA) - Accelerated Evolution of Consciousness
    • Rita Castro (BR) - Medicines from the Forest - Ancestral Wisdom & Science
    • Agustin Grefa (EC) - Saving the Rainforest
    • Dr. Olli SovijaŐąrvi & Teemu Arina (FI) - Holohabits - Expanding Healthspan One Habit at a Time
    • Silvena Rowe (UAE) - Optimizing Female Hormones With Food
    • Matt Maruca (US) - Beings of Light
    • Sarah Turner (UK) - Lighting Up the Gut-Brain Connection
    • Chris Moore (DK) - The Genetic Foundations of 21st Century Medicine
    • Joel Jota (BR) - 80x20 Biohacks for Business, Creativity & Family Life
    • Govert Viergever (NL) - Psychedelic Advantage - Olympic Glory Through Altered States
    • Samina Rind (US) - Psychedelics & Precision Wellness in Aging Backwards & Raising Consciousness
    • Garnet Dupuis (US) - Drug-Free Microdosing
    • Nila Raja & William Llerena Murayari (PE) - Way of the Shaman - Plant Teachers from the Amazonian Jungle
    • Teemu Arina (FI) - Evolution & Future of Biohacking
    • Leigh Ewin (AU) - Elemental Breathwork
    • German Popov (NL) Siberian Shamanism - Mirror of Archaism & Modernity
    • Sensei Zen Takai (JP) - 5 Elements of the 1000 Year-Old Samurai Philosophy
    • Ollie Ollerton (UK) - Codebreaker - The Source Code for Success
    • Siim Land (EE) - The Longevity Leap - Achieving Biological Youth & Longer Healthspan
    • Kris Gethin (UK) - Heal or Harm - Athletic Performance, Antioxidants & Inflammation
    • Lucas Aoun (AU) - Non-Psychedelic Cognitive Enhancement
    • Janika Ruuska (FI) - Treating Extreme State of Body Dissatisfaction with Psychedelics
    • Steve Heykers (BE) - Infrared Re-Invented
    • Christian Poulsen (DK) - When Just Breathing is Not Enough
    • Wade Lightheart (US) - Unlocking Dietary Success - Insights, Genetics & Your Unique Path to Health
    • Oliver Barnett (ZA) - Encounters of the Divine in the Machine
    • Dylan Varenhorst (US) & Teemu Arina (FI) - Dragon in the Genome & Flight of the Sleeping Phoenix
    • Dennis Walker (US) - Psychedelic Satire
    • Tim Gray (UK) - 10 Ways to Improve Your Brain Without Supplements or Tech
    • Jaakko Halmetoja (FI) - Teacher Plants - Beyond the Psychedelic Experience
    • Kasper van der Meulen (NL) - Expand Your Breath, Expand Your Consciousness
    • Yarrow Willard (CA) - Nature Deficit Disorder - Rebuilding Connection with the Natural World

    Solution Stage

    • Maximilian Endter (DE) - The Powers of Functional Mushrooms for Everyday Life
    • Eric Puro (FI-US) - Deepening Your Connection
    • Henry Liiv (EE) - Live a Little - Destress & Hack Productivity
    • Garnet Dupuis (US) - Mind States, Better Sleep, Trauma & Addiction
    • James Carroll (UK) - Photobiomodulation & Brain Fog - Effects on Neurotransmitters
    • Martin Junggebauer (DE) - Photobiomodulation Therapy & Technologies for Home Use
    • Alex Fergus (AU) - 8 Years of Light - Lessons on Red Light Therapy
    • Jan Rein (DE) - Replenishing Foundational Key Nutrients Bioavailability, Synergy & Supplement Stacking
    • Angela Foster (UK) - BioSyncing Nutrition - How to Eat for Hormone Harmony
    • Jan Braband (DE) - Liposomal Formulations - Taxi Into Your Bloodstream
    • Dorian Greenow (US) - Ketosis vs. Glucosis
    • Zorrie Dimitrova (UK) - Unlocking the Glycan Code A New Pathway to Reversing Biological Ageing
    • Susan Bratton (US) - S*xual Biohacking
    • Veli-Jussi Jalkanen (FI) - Optimized Sitting as One of the Healthiest Habits
    • Anna Catharin Heil (DE) - Consciousness Unleashed The Transformative Power of Altered States of Consciousness
    • Garnet Dupuis (US) - Deep Dive into Drug-Free Microdosing
    • Alexandre Tomic (FR), Ovidiu Valentin AncutŐ¶a (RO) - HRV & Telomeres - Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Longevity
    • Dr. Simone Koch (DE) - Ketosis as a Calming State for Anxiety & PTSD
    • Baran Dilaver (US) - Mitochondrial NAD for Energy, Health & Longevity
    • Philipp von Holtzendorff-Fehling (US) - Bio-Energy-Hacking - Quantum Tech & Frequencies
    • Dr. Steven Schwartz (US) - Biochemistry of Sound, Light, Frequency & Vibration
    • Hagen Thiers (DE) - Mysteries of Radiation & Mental Health


    • Opening Ceremony - Expanding Consciousness - Meeting of the Northern, Eastern, Southern & Western Masters
    • Ian Deadly (UK) - Performance #1
    • Ian Deadly (UK) - Performance #2
    • Harbert Egbert (NL) - Flowing Dutchman
    • David Flusberg (RO) - A Deep Dive to the Chariot of Expanded Consciousness
    • Closing Ceremony - Elevating Consciousness - From Inner Space to Outer Worlds


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