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    Foodin Evening Mix (100g)

    €13,11 €13,11
    Yksikköhinta  varten 

    Foodin Evening Mix (100g)

    €13,11 €13,11
    Yksikköhinta  varten 

    Taattu turvallinen ja varma kassa

    Foodin Evening Mix (100g)


    The evening powder mix contains ten carefully selected ingredients to support evening relaxation and quality sleep. The powder mixture is easy to enjoy at the end of the day as it is with water or as a side dish with your favorite juice. The blue color of the drink comes from the phycocyanin pigment, that comes from spirulina.

    Ingridients: lemon juice powder, taurine, l-tryptophan, magnesiumbisglycinate, lemonbalm, chamomile, L-theanine, ashwagandha, phycocyanin and B6-vitamin. Recommended daily dose is 1-2 teaspoons with the last glass of water of the evening.May contain traces of nuts and milk.

    Nutritional facts:

    1–2 tsp
    Magnesium 227- 454 mg/ 61%*-122%*
    B6-vitamiin 0,91- 1,82 mg / 65%*-130%*
    L-theanine 114-228 mg
    Taurine 409- 818 mg
    L-tryptophane 318- 636mg

    * = percentage of recommended daily dose

    The recipe has been inspired by the sand of the legendary Sandman.