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    Biohacking Women - Online Course

    €29,00 €147,00
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    Biohacking Women - Online Course

    €29,00 €147,00
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    7-week online learning program for women interested in optimizing their sleep, nutrition, work/life balance and hormones with science-based biohacks.

    There are well-known sex differences in optimizing health. The most optimal diet, exercise and sleep needs of a woman depends on their unique biology and lifestyle. Getting the “health hacks” right requires knowledge, precision and the ability to implement science-based health strategies right for one's unique body.

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    Biohacking Women - Online Course

    Biohacking Women is the first science-based online roadmap to biohacking for women. It provides you with a step-by-step guide for optimizing sleep, understanding your nutritional needs, balancing mood, balancing hormones, and protecting skin and hair with natural products.

    Biohacking for Women is designed together with medical doctors, mental health experts, nutritionists, and the authors of the Biohacker’s Handbook, who have helped thousands of people in over 60 countries (and counting) to optimize health and wellbeing with science, technology and nature.

    Highlights of the course

    • Learn about optimal nutrition for fitness and energy
    • Learn evening routines which can help you to fall asleep faster and sleep better
    • Learn to manage stress and speed up recovery
    • Learn more about exercise
    • Learn when to eat more carbs and when to choose more fat-based diet according to the menstrual cycle
    • Learn how to improve skin microbiome and skin health
    • Learn what supplements and nutrients support energy levels, mood, and hormonal balance

    Overview of the 7-week program

    Week 1: sleep
    • What makes healthy sleep
    • Are you a morning or an evening person
    • How to regulate sleep hormones
    • What is special about women’s sleep
    • Tools for improving sleep
    • Measuring sleep

    Week 2: nutrition
    • Common diets and our take on them
    • Fasting and time restricted eating
    • Genetics and diet
    • What is special about nutrition for women
    • Tools for nutritional balance
    • Measuring nutritional status

    Week 3: Brains & work
    • Functions of the brain and nervous system
    • How neurotransmitters affect energy, motivation, and mood
    • How the brain changes through life
    • Tools for Improving energy and motivation
    • Tools for improving mood
    • Tools for improving focus

    Week 4: Hormonal balance
    • How to get it touch with your cycle
    • What are hormonal symptoms telling you
    • Why do you need to have your macronutrients in check
    • How to avoid endocrine disrupting toxins
    • Tools for balancing your hormones naturally
    • Measuring hormones

    Week 5: Recovery, relaxation & emotional balance
    • How recovery help you to maintain health
    • How female hormones contribute to stress
    • What life areas women should pay attention to in terms of recovery
    • Tools for emotional recovery
    • Tools for physical recover
    • Measuring recovery

    Week 6: Exercise
    • General exercise recommendations
    • Exercise for women within the menstrual cycle
    • Recommended yoga poses for women
    • Female athlete triad
    • Tools to improve endurance, strength, muscle maintenance, muscle building and recovery
    • Measuring recovery and activity

    Week 7: Beauty
    • How and why you should switch to natural beauty
    • How to take care of our skin from inside out
    • What is skin microbiome and how to take care of it
    • Tools for natural anti-aging
    • Natural ways to improve hair growth
    • Easy DIY beauty recipes you can try at home

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