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    BiOptimizers HCL Breakthrough (90 caps)

    Yksikköhinta  varten 

    BiOptimizers HCL Breakthrough (90 caps)

    Yksikköhinta  varten 

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    BiOptimizers HCL Breakthrough (90 caps)

    Why BiOptimizers HCL Breakthrough

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    Betaine HCL is a compound of the peptide betaine and hydrogen (H) chloride (Cl). HCL is an acid in solution, as is found in the stomach. The betaine HCL is extracted from beets.

    In addition to betaine HCL, HCL Breakthrough also contains 5 different digestive enzymes and a full spectrum, patented mix of minerals. All ingredients are from a plant-based source.

    Many HCL products contain the digestive enzyme pepsin. Pepsin often comes from an animal source and some people cannot tolerate it well. BiOptimizers therefore does not use pepsin in the HCL Breakthrough formulation.

    All the benefits of BiOptimizers HCL Breakthrough

    • Natural source of betaine hydrochloride
    • With 5 digestive enzymes
    • With a patented mix of minerals
    • Contains no pepsin (some people are sensitive to pepsin)
    • 100% plant-based
    • Does not irritate