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    Sensate 2 (устройство глубокой релаксации)

    3 reviews
    €260,00 €290,00
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    Sensate 2 (устройство глубокой релаксации)

    3 reviews
    €260,00 €290,00
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    Sensate is a groundbreaking product that offers an innovative solution to stress and anxiety. Developed by leading experts in integrated medicine, the device, and accompanying app enable you to manage stress, improve your sleep, and concentration, and achieve the many other beneficial results associated with meditation - without the need for years of training.

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    18 Jan 2022
    Andrew C.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    Worth having

    I have found this a good alternative to meditation. It requires no active effort. I have found it good to use at 3:00 am to start to get back to sleep followed by yoga nidra. Tips - I put pillows on top to maximise the vibration to the sternum. Put it in a light proof bag as the blue light is very bright not what you want at 3:00 am Hurray there is no subscription! Oura please note - have fallen out of love with Oura post US capitalist take over.

    03 Mar 2021
    mitch v.
    Singapore Singapore

    A Game changer

    As of the forst time, it was like I was breathing for the forst time. Such a simple yet effective way to relax

    Sensate 2 (устройство глубокой релаксации)
    3 reviews

    Agitation, anxiety, and stress are common issues that can be overwhelming for many people. Achieving a relaxed state of mind can be challenging, requiring years of training or experience. Fortunately, Sensate provides an easy path to relaxation and calm.

    Sensate is the first product of its kind to provide direct vagus nerve stimulation. The device has been proven to improve heart rate variability and enhance the subjective sense of relaxation from the very first session.

    Using bone conduction technology, Sensate delivers resonating musical vibrations to the vagus nerve via the chest. These gentle bass-like vibrations work on the nerve to soothe and calm the body and mind, resulting in a profound sense of relaxation. The vibrational resonance is synchronised with the binaural soundscapes that you can listen to with your own headphones.

    Order Sensate now and experience the benefits of immediate and deep relaxation.

    How it works

    Sensate experience works through three very important elements:

    • soundscape library
    • Sensate device
    • and you!

    Together, you are going to create a calming, near-infrasonic immersive experience.

    Soundscape library

    The foundation of the Sensate experience is a collection of musical soundscapes.

    You can choose from themes of nature or even outer space, and from tracks that will help you wind down for a good sleep or uplift you like a sunrise. They vary in length from 10, 20, or 30 minutes so you can take as little or as much time as you need to relax.

    Science of Sensate

    What's included

    • Sensate device
    • Protective case
    • Adjustable lanyard
    • USB charging cable
    • User guide
    • Presentation box

    Free Sensate app download for iOS or Android from the app store required for function.