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    HoloHabits Biomarker Test Kit (Nutrition & Longevity Test)

    €368,00 €409,00
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    HoloHabits Biomarker Test Kit (Nutrition & Longevity Test)

    €368,00 €409,00
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    Improving your health & performance has never been this easy – A premium blood test used by the world's top elite athletes, fitness models, and world-class CEOs is finally accessible to all!

    HoloHabits Biomarker Test Kit is easy to do in the comfort of your home without doctor appointments. It decodes your blood biomarkers and gives you actionable dietary & lifestyle recommendations on your path to improved longevity, better performance, and well-being.

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    HoloHabits Biomarker Test Kit (Nutrition & Longevity Test)

    Download the free companion HoloHabits application from www.holohabits.com.

    What's included:

    • Sample at-home collection kit (only 4 drops of blood from the tip of your finger, no blood draw necessary)
    • Free return envelope & free return label (world wide)
    • Full laboratory analysis of 33 biomarkers (essential vitamins, minerals, hormones, fatty acids, amino acids, and NAD+ for aging)
    • Results & actionable nutritional recommendations (web, iPhone, and Android on results.biostarks.com)
    • Join healthy habit challenges and learn more about your health data on HoloHabits (iPhone and Android on www.holohabits.com) 

    What can be addressed with this kit:

    • Address most common nutrient deficiencies (for example, 33% have magnesium deficiency and 84% don't get enough Omega-3)
    • Reduce injury risk
    • Improve performance
    • Speed up recovery
    • Strengthen immunity
    • Improve skin, hair, and nail condition
    • Better sleep, reduced stress & improved mood
    • Enhance muscle growth and better exercise endurance
    • Increase everyday energy levels
    • Improved cognitive health

    Identifying key healthspan bottle-necks will help slow down aging and improve longevity.

    How you receive your test results:

    • Online and on your mobile device
    • Results presented in easy-to-understand visual summary
    • See how each biomarker fits the optimal reference range (low, high, or within range)
    • Your result is summarized into a score, based on how many of your biomarkers are in their optimal ranges (0-100), ideally getting as close to 100 as possible
    • Graph of historical values
    • Recommendations on how to correct your results through diet and specific foods (Biostarks and HoloHabits application)
    • Recommended learning material, reading, community, and lifestyle modification challenges to take (HoloHabits application)

    Powered by Biostarks - Breakthrough in Laboratory Testing

    Our roots are in the world of elite athlete blood testing, in which we worked for many years providing solutions to some of the world’s best.

    Biostarks laboratories are based in Europe (Geneva, Switzerland) and the USA (Salt Lake City). Accredited and certified laboratories ensure accurate results.

    Technology is based on mass spectrometry measuring thousands of molecules in a few drops of blood, enabling a breakthrough in at-home testing of biomarkers, validated against gold-standard at-laboratory tests.

    This biomarker test is basically a high-resolution snapshot of what is happening inside your body. 

    Why HoloHabits Biomarker Test Kit?

    Analyzing these nutritional and hormonal biomarkers used to cost thousands of euros just a few years ago. Now you can get the same results and more with a fraction of the cost.

    No wasting time queuing at a clinic or expensive doctor visits - Due to breakthroughs in laboratory testing methodology and technology, we can now deliver these results from the convenience of your home and results including recommendations directly to your device.

    Included biomarkers

    • Amino acids: arginine, citrulline, taurine, tyrosine, asparagine, carnitine, valine, tryptophan, glutamine, proline, threonine, BCAA
    • Fatty acids: C18:1 (oleic acid), C18:2 (Linoleic acid), EPA, DHA, Omega-3 index
    • Hormones: Testosterone, Cortisol, Testosterone/Cortisol Ratio
    • Minerals: Zinc, selenium, magnesium, ferritin, copper, intra-cellular zinc, intra-cellular selenium, intra-cellular magnesium
    • Vitamins: D, E, B12 (active), A (retinol)
    • NAD+ (essential mitochondrial biomarker related to energy metabolism, DNA repair, longevity & aging)


    • How do I take the test?
      Simply follow the instructions in your collection kits. All the necessary material for the easy collection of a few drops of blood is included. Register your kit at results.biostarks.com and print your return label. Contact the shipping company for pick-up and wait for your results.
    • How fast do I get my test results?
      It takes usually 2-5 days for delivery in Europe. Once our lab receives your sample, you will be notified by email and your results will be available within the next 10 working days (excluding weekends).
    • How often should I take the test?
      We recommend testing 2-4 times a year. Typically it takes 2-4 weeks of supplementation and dietary changes to start noticing changes in biomarkers. You can notice drastic changes already in a few months.
    • Do I need to fast before the test?
      Even though you do not necessarily need to fast before the test, we always recommend taking the test in the same conditions to ensure accurate results. We therefore recommend taking the test first thing in the morning in a fasted state.