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    Portable Wooden Standing Desk (Full Set)

    ‚ā¨237,90 ‚ā¨325,81
    local_offer Save 26%
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    Portable Wooden Standing Desk (Full Set)

    ‚ā¨237,90 ‚ā¨325,81
    local_offer Save 26%
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    Remote work ergonomics deal: Gymba activation board + GetUpDesk Light + GetUpDesk Rack

    A package offer for you who considers ergonomics important in your work. An easy and light ergonomics biohacking solution for your home or cottage to upgrade your remote office. 

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    Portable Wooden Standing Desk (Full Set)

    GetUpDesk Light

    Turn any normal table into a standing desk with a stylish Nordic design. Possibility to adjust to 8 different heights. Two different coloured solutions can be assembled from the same parts. The material is wood. Very durable and high-quality construction. Made in Finland.

    GetUpDesk Rack

    The GetUpDesk rack is a laptop stand for GetUpDesk light. With this stand, you can adjust the computer screen ergonomically correctly.

    Gymba Activation Board

    Gymba is a new way to work, standing on an active board keeps you moving. You get constant exercise at your own workplace Your metabolism and circulation are activated. You consume far more calories than when you sit or stand still. Your ability to concentrate will improve and you will be more motivated and refreshed. Gymba is elastic and is developed & manufactured in Finland. Thanks to its elasticity, Gymba enables more versatile movement.

    The Gymba activation board is designed to help you stand properly and it is super easy to use. Just put the board under your feet and that’s all. The board will help you to balance your position and adapt to your own weight. Place the Gymba activation board in front of your standing workstation, under your feet and work normally. The board will help you stand right and you don’t strain your legs or back nearly as much.

    If possible, stand around half of your working time on the Gymba board. The pains go away, your posture improves, your deep muscles get exercise and the condition of your whole body improves. You will notice this after just a few days of use. This is evidenced by clinical trials and extensive testing.

    Board technical information:

    • Width: 46.5 cm
    • Depth: 30.5 cm
    • Height: 5.5 cm
    • Material: natural fibre composite
    • Weight: 1.5 kg
    • Weight limit: endurance test guarantees up to 300 kg
    • Colour: Grey
    • 2-year warranty (frame)


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