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    NeuroVIZR (Brain wellness and relaxation device)

    1 review
    €1.149,00 €1.149,00
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    NeuroVIZR (Brain wellness and relaxation device)

    1 review
    €1.149,00 €1.149,00
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    16 Jun 2022
    Paula O.
    United Kingdom

    Biohacker’s Center Customer Service is superb!! ❤️

    I ordered the NeuroVIZR from Biohacker Center Online Store, in Europe, and was holding my NeuroVIZR device, in the UK, within 24 hours of my order being seen!! Excellent !!!

    NeuroVIZR (Brain wellness and relaxation device)
    1 review

    NeuroVIZR Headset - First Language™ Light/Sound Compositions

    NeuroVIZR 2 is a wearable Light/Sound device for enjoying revitalizing effects that stimulate and support your brain. The technology operates through a medium called “FIRST LANGUAGE” (read more about First Language below) , which is a code system older than words that is shared by every living organism on the planet.

    Biohacker Summit Helsinki 2020 hosted a premiere for this brand new technology. Approximately one hundred people tested the first-generation NeuroVIZR over the weekend. The feedback was better than we dared to dream: users reported visions of beauty, transcendent experiences, full-body orgasms, and a wide range of benefits to their mental, physical and emotional health. 

    NeuroVIZR is a wellness wearable for enjoying a neural workout disguised as entertainment. Compositions in First Language - structured light underlying all organic life - represent an entirely new form of art developed by Garnet Dupuis. 

    “I was flying through the skies, over the clouds, in a deeply relaxed state.”

    NeuroVIZR (Brain wellness and relaxation device)

    Neuro VIZR is designed to produce well-being for your nerve cells. Your brain can change for the better – at any age. The brain’s ability to change throughout the entire life cycle is known as NEUROPLASTICITY. In fact, the latest brain research shows that neural connections can be maintained, restored, and improved.

    First Language - Knowing without Thinking

    Beyond conscious thought and symbolic cognition there is an archaic meta-language shared by all living organisms. Living systems must organize and cooperate to survive and thrive – which means they must be able to communicate. This communication requires a common primal language, a First Language shared by all.

    NeuroVIZR (Brain wellness and relaxation device)

    Knowing without Thinking? 

    Neuro VIZR utilizes neuroplasticity for Wellness, Consciousness, Creativity, Performance, and Entertainment. The wearable device operates through a medium called FIRST LANGUAGE - a language that’s older than words and shared by every living organism on the planet.

    NeuroVIZR (Brain wellness and relaxation device)

    Integrated Light/Sound technology for your brain

    Nature merges with new technology to enable safe, efficient, and exciting direct interactions with your brain. NEURO VIZR Headset generates gorgeous, meaningful Neural Reality Light/Sound experiences within your Mind’s Eye & Ear. Portable, affordable, adaptable - satisfying.

    NeuroVIZR (Brain wellness and relaxation device)

    The Neuro Reality Experience

    The First Language Light/Sound first-hand experience is a rich journey into colorful geometric & fractal patterns, alluring information soundscapes, and knowing without thinking - a safe and purposeful intuitive dive into a new awareness that’s good for your brain. Wellness, Consciousness, Creativity, Performance, Entertainment.

    Neural well-being for your entire life cycle

    The human brain is considered the most complex organ ever known. Every stage of life, health and wellness requires a bright responsive brain. Current medical science recognizes that your brain can be guided into successful positive neuroplastic change.

    NeuroVIZR (Brain wellness and relaxation device)

    Who doesn’t want a better brain?

    Focus. Clarity. Insight. Memory. Harmony. The list goes on and it all relies on your brain function. Stress relief and mood control often dictate attitudes that hold the doors of creativity and problem solving wide open. A well-functioning brain is the foundation of a healthy mind.

    What can I do to support my brain?

    The Neuro Light NR is a portable and wearable Light/Sound device, which generates signals that stimulate and support your brain. There are basically three general categories of brain stimulation that generate neuroplastic changes in your brain - Movement, Mental, Sensory. The Neuro VIZR specializes in the Sensory approach with pleasant Light/Sound signals.

    NeuroVIZR TechPack includes: 

    • Neuro VIZR 2.0 LED device
    • USB-C Charger
    • Android/iOS mobile app with First Language compositions
    • Online user’s manual 
    • The device has a two-year manufacturer's warranty.


    • The device is not intended to treat any health condition or replace medical care
    • Read the instructions and cautions carefully prior to use
    • In case you suffer from epilepsy, consult a physician prior to use
    • Always consult your physician before using the device


    User manual

    The second generation of NeuroVIZR is lighter, portable, and available NOW. Delivery (approx.) 3-4 weeks from the date of order.