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    Integral DNA: Combination of three DNA tests (Resilience + Health + Active)

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    Integral DNA: Combination of three DNA tests (Resilience + Health + Active)

    €435,00 €499,00
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    Knowing your genetic code is made possible by new DNA tests based on the latest science and technology. They can help make better choices in everyday life and find more effective ways to change lifestyles. At the same time, DNA tests help optimize health and achieve personal goals.

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    Integral DNA: Combination of three DNA tests (Resilience + Health + Active)

    DNA Health

    DNA Health® tests known genetic variants that significantly impact health and various risks of diseases such as osteoporosis, cancer, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

    Nutrigenomics research has shown that an individual diet and lifestyle significantly affect the expression of these genes. The best results are achieved when changes are detected in time so they can be effectively influenced.

    The main advantages of the DNA Health® test in practice are:

    • Providing basic genetic information for nutritional counseling and chronic disease management
    • Consumer-friendly graphics help customers understand the content of the report
    • Solid science background based on "snips" or SNPs (single-nucleotide polymorphism) – well-researched and valuable

    DNA Health provides in-depth information about genes that affect the following areas:

    • fat metabolism
    • bone health
    • methylation
    • insulin sensitivity
    • detoxification
    • inflammation and oxidative stress 
    • the need for vitamins
    • gluten and lactose intolerance
    • caffeine metabolism
    • salt sensitivity
    • iron overload disorders

    Download the 31-page DNA Health sample report here.

    DNA Active

    DNA Active analyzes genes that have been found to significantly affect the following areas: soft tissue injury risk, recovery, power generation potential, endurance potential, caffeine metabolism, salt sensitivity, and timing of peak performance.

    The test also analyzes genes related to weight management and provides information on, among other things, the following factors:

    • individual effects of dietary and lifestyle changes
    • influence of carbohydrates and saturated fats on individual metabolism
    • personalized intake recommendation of unsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids
    • the personal impact of exercise on the body
    • eating habits and circadian rhythms

    Download a 22-page sample report here.

    DNA Resilience

    DNA Resilience provides information on seven key molecular regions that impact stress and resilience the most. These include neuropeptide Y, oxytocin, neurotrophic factors, cortisol, norepinephrine, dopamine and serotonin.

    This test determines the genetic resilience of the person being tested and provides dietary and lifestyle guidelines that can strengthen innate strengths and alleviate weaknesses.

    Download a 23-page sample report here.


    Why choose all three tests together?

    A personalized treatment strategy is the future of medicine. It is based on information related to individual biochemistry and genetic inheritance. This test will help you gain objective information about yourself, create a more accurate treatment strategy, and implement changes that will lead to a better state of health.

    Practical information and instructions regarding the test

    All three genetic tests mentioned above are self-administered fingertip blood tests.

    The test is provided by Nordic Laboratories.

    Shipping materials:

    1 x Shipping box with sample materials (keep the sample for shipping)
    1 x Test order form
    1 x Yellow DHL bag for sample shipment
    1 x DHL waybill
    1 x Return instructions
    2 x Pro-forma invoices (only when returning from a country outside the EU)

    Sampling materials:

    1 x Blood Drop Card
    2 x Lancet
    2 x Plaster
    2 x Alcohol cleaning pad
    1 x Sterile gauze
    1 x Sealable bag

    Privacy policy (Nordic Laboratories):

    The DNA and the original sample material are destroyed after three (3) months, so the samples do not have names or other identifiers. Only the SNPs included in DNALife's tests are analyzed from the samples, and no further studies or analyses are performed without the customer's permission. We do not give or sell the results to third parties.