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    Biohacker's Evening Glasses - Elegance (Blue Light Blockers)

    €55,00 €72,00
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    Biohacker's Evening Glasses - Elegance (Blue Light Blockers)

    €55,00 €72,00
    local_offer Save 23%
    Unit price  per 

    The Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses you will ever buy!

    Optimize your sleep quality by using Biohacker’s evening glasses 1-2 hours before bedtime.


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    Biohacker's Evening Glasses - Elegance (Blue Light Blockers)

    Did you know that computer screen, smartphone screen and for example the modern LED lights produce blue light comparable to daylight (aka short wavelength light) that efficiently reduces melatonin production in the evening? No wonder if you are not tired when it's time to go to bed. This blue light is great in the morning and during the day when you need to wake up and to regulate the circadian rhythm but bad for you in the evening if you want to get to sleep on time, maintain a regular circadian rhythm and in general fall asleep fast.

    If flashing lights at a party or screens on devices are bothering your eyes, Biohacker’s night glasses are here for you. These blue blockers will efficiently prevent blue light and support melatonin production. When you use these in the evening while using a phone or a computer your eyes will rest and staring at the screen will not feel as strenuous. Biohacker's evening glasses support natural melatonin production at night. 



    Why use Biohacker's blue light blockers?

    • Protect your eyes from excessive light pollution. 
    • Made from light and durable cellulose acetate, that is hypoallergenic and BPA-free
    • Spring hinges made to last
    • The frame can be slightly adjusted to fit even better with the help of a heat gun
    • Lenses are made from light and durable CR39 (Columbia Resin 39) that endures time, chemicals, and scratches well compared to many plastic lenses.
    • Biohacker’s evening glasses block 99%-100% UVA UVB light, so you can use them even on a sunny day outside to reduce eye strain
    • Protect from urban light pollution in the evening
    • Unisex style
    • Biohacker’s Evening Glasses are cool and make you look like a real biohacker
    • Width 137mm, temple 140mm, lens width 53mm