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    AQVA Fresh Water Filter Replacement Filter

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    AQVA Fresh Water Filter Replacement Filter

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    Replacement filter for AQVA FRESH shower filter (product code AF004)


    Capacity about 8,000 liters. The change interval or operation also depends on the quality of the water and the amount of use. Based on theoretical adequacy with typical water quality recommendations and requirements defined by the WHO

    • Recommended replacement interval 12 months/1 user, 6 months/2 users, etc.
    • The quality and type of water affect the sufficiency

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    AQVA Fresh Water Filter Replacement Filter


    In the 1st stage, large debris and sediments coming off the pipeline are filtered out of the water.

    In the 2nd stage, the activated carbon of the adsorption filter binds water impurities such as metals, iron, rust and the most common municipal water impurities.

    In the 3rd stage, calcium sulfate neutralizes chlorine and chloramine, as well as reduces the possible adverse effects of lime and maintains general hygienic quality in the shower hose and shower head.

    In the 4th stage, the water still passes through an active carbon cell, which completes the filtration.

    Filters from water:

    • Lime
    • Chlorine
    • Chloramine
    • Heavy metals
    • Smells and tastes
    • Drug and hormone residues
    • Iron and rust
    • Copper
    • PFAS compounds, as well as quite a wide range of other organic and inorganic compounds
    • Reduces microbial growth in the shower hose and shower head

    More detailed product and technical information on the AQVA FRESH shower filter product page (AF004)