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    Optimize Your Sleep & Recovery (Webinar Recording)

    ‚ā¨19,00 ‚ā¨39,00
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    Optimize Your Sleep & Recovery (Webinar Recording)

    ‚ā¨19,00 ‚ā¨39,00
    local_offer Tallenna 51%
    Yksikk√∂hinta  varten 

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    Optimize Your Sleep & Recovery (Webinar Recording)

    Learn the Science behind Optimal Sleep: Fall asleep faster, get more deep sleep & achieve peak recovery with science-based tools

    This is a webinar recording. You will receive the link to watch this webinar on your device and a useful e-book on optimizing your sleep.

    Discover a comprehensive toolkit of evidence-based strategies designed to enhance the quality, duration, and impact of your sleep. In our upcoming Sleep Optimization Webinar, we delve into behavioral and supplement-based tools that are customizable to improve your health, daytime functioning, brain function, hormonal balance, and immune system resilience. Presented by Dr. Olli Sovijärvi.

    We will cover:

      • Sleep Physiology and Effects of Light on Circadian Rhythms:¬† Learn the science behind leveraging light (and darkness) to regulate circadian rhythms and achieve restorative sleep.
      • Behavioral aspects:¬† Gain insights into proven behavioral interventions to tailor your sleep experience, optimizing both duration and overall well-being.
      • Nutritional aspects & meal timing:¬† Explore the role of diet in sleep optimization and discover effective strategies for falling asleep faster and achieving better sleep quality.
      • Supplement Strategies:¬† Explore evidence-backed supplement approaches that influence brain function, hormone regulation, and immune system support for improved sleep outcomes.
      • The most researched devices to improve sleep quality
      • Olli's deep sleep optimisation protocol
      • And much much more..

    This webinar brings immense value to anyone who wants to get better sleep and achieve peak recovery!

    You will learn techniques for swift recovery from a suboptimal night's sleep, combatting jet lag, and managing shift work challenges. After this webinar, you will be able to develop your strategies covering bedtime rituals, digital device management, caffeine moderation, as well as nutrition and exercise integration. You will leave with an easy-to-follow, 5-step protocol to support your sleep - that you can start using right away!

    What‚Äės included:

    • Recording of the webinar
    • Bonus: An exclusive Sleep Optimization Guide in PDF format, providing additional science-supported strategies and resources to fine-tune your sleep routine.