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    Optimize Your Gut Exclusive Webinar

    Yksikk√∂hinta  varten 

    Optimize Your Gut Exclusive Webinar

    Yksikk√∂hinta  varten 

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    Optimize Your Gut Exclusive Webinar

    Are you looking to achieve Peak Cognitive Health? Do you want to learn more about the connection between the gut and healthy brain? Look no further than our upcoming webinar!

    On Tuesday, May 16 at 18:00 PM (11:00 AM New York / 4:00 PM London / 6:00 PM Helsinki / 00:00 AM Hong Kong), we invite you to join us for an exclusive webinar on how to Optimize Your Gut for Better Brain Functionled by top experts in Biohacking!

    Here is a quick overview of what you will learn about:

    • Digestion and nutrient absorption
    • Stomach optimization and hypochlorhydria
    • IBS, SIBO and FODMAP restriction
    • Gut-brain-microbiota axis
    • Gut and skin health
    • Intestinal permeability and leaky gut
    • Microbiota and How to improve diversity
    • The Role of the vagus nerve in gut health
    • Anti-nutrients and toxins
    • Comprehensive testing for gut health and optimization

    This is your chance to participate in an expert-led webinar where you can ask questions directly from the experts.

    With limited seats available, our private webinars usually fill within 24 hours, so be sure to reserve your spot today!

    NOTE: A link to the webinar will be emailed to you after the purchase.