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    Advanced Supplementation: Strategies For Weight Loss, Muscle Building and More Energy (Webinar Recording)

    1 Review
    €19,00 €39,00
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    Advanced Supplementation: Strategies For Weight Loss, Muscle Building and More Energy (Webinar Recording)

    1 Review
    €19,00 €39,00
    local_offer Tallenna 51%
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    02 May 2024
    Neeta J.
    United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
    I recommend this product

    Need PPT

    May I kindly have the PowerPoint thanks

    Advanced Supplementation: Strategies For Weight Loss, Muscle Building and More Energy (Webinar Recording)
    1 Review

    Do you struggle with managing your weight, building muscle, or maintaining high energy levels but need help tackling these challenges effectively?

    In today’s fast-paced world, achieving and maintaining physical fitness and energy is a constant challenge. Many struggle with weight management, muscle building, and sustaining high energy levels. We're continually striving to enhance our physical health, yet often feel stuck and unsure about effective solutions

    Master the art of optimal body performance: Discover scientifically-backed supplementation strategies for impactful weight loss, muscle gain, and increased energy, equipping you to excel in all areas of your life.

    Join the world's top biohacking functional medicine doctor, MD Olli Sovijärvi as he reveals the latest strategies for effective weight management, muscle building, and energy enhancement.

    What will you learn?

    • Essentials of Supplementation for Body Optimization: Gain a comprehensive understanding of how supplements can significantly impact weight loss, muscle growth, and energy levels.
    • Mastering Weight Loss through Supplements: Discover the roles of specific supplements in promoting effective and sustainable weight loss.
    • Maximizing Muscle Gain: Learn about the key supplements aiding muscle building and enhancing muscle recovery.
    • Elevating Energy Levels: Explore how certain supplements can boost your energy, improving overall performance and vitality.
    • Overcoming Plateaus in Fitness: Uncover advanced tactics for breaking through common weight loss and muscle gain barriers.
    • The Impact of Nutrition and Hydration: Understand the importance of dietary choices and hydration in complementing your supplementation regime.
    • Science-Backed Supplementation Advice: Receive evidence-based guidance on choosing and utilizing supplements effectively.
    • Lifestyle Integration for Optimal Results: Learn to incorporate supplements into your daily routine for maximum benefit.
    • Future Trends in Supplementation: Stay ahead with the latest research and emerging trends in the world of supplementation for health and fitness.
    • And much, much more...!

    Your Takeaway:

    By the end of our session, you'll be empowered with a comprehensive toolkit of practical strategies, detailed insights, and scientific understanding to master your physical health goals. You'll gain control over your weight management, muscle development, and energy levels in personal and professional settings. You will leave with 10 actionable tools for optimizing your supplementation routine to achieve and maintain peak physical performance.

    Who Should Watch This:

    Whether you're a fitness enthusiast aiming for optimal physical results, a health-conscious individual seeking advanced supplementation strategies, or a biohacker exploring the cutting edge of nutrition and fitness, this webinar is your portal to groundbreaking knowledge in body optimization and wellness.

    NOTE: The webinar is also ideal for healthcare professionals, such as dietitians, personal trainers, physical therapists, and wellness coaches eager to expand their expertise in nutritional supplements and offer their clients scientifically validated methods to enhance physical health and performance.

    About our expert:

    Dr. Olli Sovijärvi 

    Licensed Physician & Author | Co-Founder @ Biohacker Center

    Dr. Olli Sovijärvi is one of the pioneers of holistic medicine internationally, the Chief Medical Officer of Biohacker Center, and the lead author of the Biohacker's Handbook series. He has worked at nearly 50 different clinics and ERs and acted as a consultant to various companies and service providers in wellness and health technology fields. He has practiced medicine, specializing in nutritional issues, intestinal balance, and holistic health care. Currently, he practices preventive healthcare & healthspan optimization. As an exercise aficionado, he has experimented and tested various supplementation strategies for muscle building, fat loss and energy production over the past 25 years!