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    Nordic Laboratories Comprehensive Melatonin Profile (home test kit)

    €192,90 €266,05
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    Nordic Laboratories Comprehensive Melatonin Profile (home test kit)

    €192,90 €266,05
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    Comprehensive Melatonin Profile (sleep hormone test)

    One has an internal clock that lasts about 25 hours and is reset daily by daylight. Thus, light plays a key role in maintaining the circadian rhythm. The light directly affects the production of melatonin, the so-called "dark hormone", which is secreted from the pineal gland, especially at night. Melatonin has a unique ability to pass through all the blood barriers in the body and serves as a focal point for physiological function.

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    Nordic Laboratories Comprehensive Melatonin Profile (home test kit)

    Melatonin has many functions in the body:

    • Serves as "conductor" of complex interactions between mind, body and environment
    • Affects most of the human autonomic, hormonal, and behavioural functions
    • Controls falling asleep and staying asleep
    • Regulates annual and daily biorhythms (available from jet lag recovery)
    • Regulates body price level
    • Regulates cardiovascular function
    • Regulates immune function
    • Works as an antioxidant
    • Regulates the secretion of sex hormones

    Melatonin secretion imbalance has been linked to a variety of health problems such as:

    • Difficulty of sleeping
    • Depression
    • Winter depression (SAD)
    • Chronic progressive Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
    • Menstrual disorders

    What does the test contain?

    The test consists of three saliva samples taken in the morning, midday and midnight. This type of hormone test allows the assessment of melatonin activity in a complete light-dark cycle. The test is performed on saliva, which correlates well with blood tests. This hormone test provides a safe, economical, and non-invasive way to assess pineal gland function and melatonin production in the body.

    What will happen after the results arrive?

    If hormonal imbalance is detected, the results can be used to design and execute successful therapeutic programs, including timed use of bright light, removal of interferences with melatonin production and if necessary, use of melatonin as a dietary supplement. More tips on balancing melatonin can be found in the Biohacker Handbook!

    The sample kit contains:

    • 3x saliva specimen tubes (5 ml)
    • Required packaging and shipping information for sample delivery
    • Prerequisite Forms