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    Nordic Laboratories Adrenal Function Profile (home test kit)

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    Nordic Laboratories Adrenal Function Profile (home test kit)

    €171,77 €216,13
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    Adrenal Function Profile home test kit now available to find about your stress levels

    The most important measure of the body's stress state is the circadian cycle of cortisol, the so-called circadian rhythm of cortisol. This is an excellent reflection of the action of the HPA axis, which is at the heart of stress management.

    The daily secretion of cortisol is best reflected by saliva measurement. For example, on the basis of saliva measurements, shift workers detect changes in the circadian rhythms of cortisol. Shift work is known to interfere with normal circadian rhythms and cortisol secretion, particularly during night shifts.

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    Nordic Laboratories Adrenal Function Profile (home test kit)

    What is included in the test?

    Saliva testing for DHEA and circadian cortisol levels is a comprehensive test that can measure adrenal function and normal stress response in the body. The measurement is taken from the saliva at four time points during the day (first in the morning and last in the evening). It can be used to detect adrenal imbalance due to excessive or insufficient hormone production and disturbances in circadian hormone production.

    The saliva test also includes a measurement of saliva DHEA, which can be used to assess the amount of anabolic or constructive hormone secreted by the adrenal glands. The report includes the ratio of DHEA to cortisol, which can be used to evaluate the relationship between anabolism (constructive activity) and catabolism (degradative activity) in the body.

    Nordic Laboratories Adrenal Function Profile (home test kit)

    Example test result.

    The daily factors for salivary cortisol excretion include:

    • The concentration of unbound cortisol at different times of day
    • Morning cortisol levels
    • Possible changes and disturbances in the daily rotation of cortisol
    • Total daily cardiovascular level
    • Possible misalignment of the HPA shaft
    • Hyper-stress or a higher cortisol curve than usual
    • Abnormal secretion rhythm (normal in the morning, high in the afternoon and too low in the evening)
    • Worsening of stress response with prolonged stress with a lower cortisol curve

    Who will benefit from the test?

    • Chronically stressed people
    • Heavy performers through the busy years
    • Shift work
    • People interested in their stress levels
    • Anyone who wants to understand their own stress management better

    Test Provider's Indications for Testing:

    • Pains and aches
    • Allergies
    • Anxiety
    • Autoimmune Diseases
    • Chronic health problems
    • Depression
    • Diabetes and pre-diabetes
    • Fatigue
    • Irritability
    • Low libido
    • Poor concentration
    • Sleeping problems
    • Blood sugar imbalance and sugar cravings
    • Abdominal Obesity
    • Impaired immunity

    Technical information:

    • The test is easy to do: a saliva sample in just one day at 4 different times
    • The average time to get results is 2 weeks
    • The test is done at home and mailed to the results analyzer
    • You will get a report of the test results