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    Mighty Fungi Cordyceps powder (100g)

    €42,81 €42,81
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    Mighty Fungi Cordyceps powder (100g)

    €42,81 €42,81
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    Mighty Fungi Cordyceps powder (100g)

    Cordyceps will enhance your sense of wellbeing and give you a constant surge of extra energy throughout the day. With Cordyceps you will have more time, energy & dedication for everything & everyone important in your life. 

    • Great for athletes
    • Superb potency - the extract is heavily concentrated (20:1) , which means a very high concentration of active components
    • Tested & free of heavy metals & contamination, so you can be sure you are not harming yourself in any way

    The extracts have been made using organic fruiting bodies of the Cordyceps militaris mushroom to make sure there are no fillers - gluten, starch or other additives. This is a dual extract which means that all active constituents are highly concentrated and bioavailable. 

    Great addition to smoothies, coffees, and hot cacaos for an improved taste and nutrition.

    * Potency can vary slightly between batches, but this is a good indicator of where we stand in terms of quality.

    Recommended use: take one gram (1/3 teaspoon) to 3 grams (1 teaspoon) daily after a meal. Adjust your dose according to personal preference.

    Manufacturer details:
    Hatha Oü
    Kannikmäe tee 17, Päri küla
    Viljandimaa, Estonia