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    Elvy Charger (EMF Protection)

    €64,00 €80,00
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    Elvy Charger (EMF Protection)

    €64,00 €80,00
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    Radiation-Blocking Charger for the ultimate night’s sleep

    Elvy Charger is a unique wireless phone charger that enables you to reach quality sleep by blocking up to 95% of radiation emitted towards you while charging at night.

    Quality sleep is essential to our physical and mental wellbeing, enhancing mood, alertness, energy, and ability to focus.

    Our sleep at night has a major impact on our next day. A poor night's sleep can turn the next day into a restless day, while a good night's sleep leads to a more enjoyable, creative and productive day.

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    Elvy Charger (EMF Protection)

    Better sleep - Healthier future

    Alpha brainwaves are predominant during times our brain is idle, calm and at rest. They are vital for relaxation and transiting into quality sleep and during non-rapid eye movement (NREM) stages of sleep. Numerous studies show that alpha brainwaves reduce anxiety and depression, increase creativity, enhance focus and allow our body to reach quality sleep.

    Electromagnetic radiation obstructs alpha frequency brainwaves, interfering with our sleep.

    Enhance your well-being with the optimal sleep hygiene

    Sleep hygiene, referring to the habits and practices that promote a restful sleep, is an important component of one’s healthy well-being, including a comfortable and soothing sleep environment and a regular sleep schedule.

    Establish proper sleep hygiene by creating the ultimate settings and making pro-sleep choices. Enable yourself the recovery you need, for both your mind and body.

    Over 60% of us suffer from sleep disorders - together we can change these statistics

    Most of us meet the results of insufficient sleep on a daily basis. While 60% of us are aware of our lack of sleep, the numbers are much higher when it comes to the outcomes. Overtime, insufficient sleep becomes a major risk factor for a variety of diseases. A non-well-slept individual is 30% more likely to suffer a heart attack and similar cardiovascular conditions, as well as the increasing risk of Alzheimer’s disease and memory loss.

    Choose yourself. Choose your sleep. Choose your health.

    Elvy is a patent pending, lab tested wireless phone charger blocking up to 95% of EMF radiation. Choose the quality of your sleep and protect your overall healthy well-being while keeping the full functionality of your phone during charging with Elvy.

    Certified radiation measurements by an independent standardized EMC lab

    Created with a patent-pending technology for blocking radiation (EMF & EMR) from your charger and phone, tests conducted by certified labs confirmed the Elvy Charger blocks up to 95% of EMF radiation and reduces up to 84.4% of EMR.


    • Input: 5V/9V DC 2A
    • Output: Up to 15W
    • Weight: 450 ±50g
    • Operating Temperature: 32°F - 95°F (0°C - 35°C)
    • Compatible with all Qi enabled phones (See max phone sizes bellow)
    • USB-C cable included
    • Power adapter not included
    • Dimensions:
      6.77 × 3.93 × 3.35 in. (172 × 100 × 85 mm)
    • Inner (Max phone size):
      6.29 × 3.22 × 0.37 in. (160 × 82 × 9.5 mm)

    The charging process may be interrupted if your phone has a metal case or any magnetic/metal plates on its back

    Supports all Qi enabled phones. Both iPhone and Android - Samsung A & J series don't support wireless charging.

    1-year warranty