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    Functional Mushrooms: The Science & Benefits of Nature’s Superheroes (Webinar Recording)

    1 Review
    €19,00 €39,00
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    Functional Mushrooms: The Science & Benefits of Nature’s Superheroes (Webinar Recording)

    1 Review
    €19,00 €39,00
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    16 Mar 2024
    United Arab Emirates
    I recommend this product

    Informative and easy to follow

    Natural, easy to understand and informative webinar. Love everything mushroom related and trying to expand my knowledge on the topic so this was great. Eric is a natural speaker aswell and loved the extra recipes we received.

    Functional Mushrooms: The Science & Benefits of Nature’s Superheroes (Webinar Recording)
    1 Review

    Master the science behind Functional Mushrooms: evidence-based ways to use Functional mushrooms to enhance your cognitive health, optimize sleep, and increase longevity.

    Discover the ancient wisdom, traditional use, and latest science behind functional mushrooms in our breakthrough webinar.

    Join Finland’s leading functional mushroom expert Eric Puro and professional biohacker Teemu Arina as they guide you through a jungle of misinformation and introduce you to the true potential hidden within these traditionally used mushrooms. Get a step ahead in preventative care – whether you're a nutritionist seeking new recommendations for clients or a health enthusiast aiming to broaden your wisdom base.

    Here is a quick overview of what you will learn about

    • The history and traditional use of Functional mushrooms.

    • The novel research and the most exciting findings: Diving into the latest breakthroughs in mushroom science, promising exciting possibilities for health and well-being.

    • The top 5 Mushroom Species for everyone: Get to know the champions of the fungal kingdom, like Lion's Mane, Reishi, Chaga, and more.

    • Incorporating the mushrooms into your everyday routine: Learn how to make powerful mushroom coffee or adaptogenic cacao.

    • How to recognize the highest quality supplements: Find out why extraction processes matter and how they affect the potency of mushroom supplements. 

    • Safety First: Navigate a market flooded with suboptimal and potentially dangerous products; learn what to look for and what to avoid.

    • Foraging Fundamentals: Tips and techniques for sustainable sourcing and harvesting your very own mushrooms.

    • And much much more...

    Imagine harnessing the cognitive boosts similar to natural nootropics with Lion's Mane or tapping into the antioxidant powerhouse of Chaga. This webinar isn't just a learning experience; it's an invitation to transform your approach to health and wellness.

    Why Is This Webinar Unique?

    • Exclusive Insights from Industry Experts: Puro and Arina bring a wealth of knowledge from both traditional and modern scientific perspectives.

    • Becoming Limitless: Explore innovative ways functional mushrooms can be integrated into your lifestyle, and transform your health 1 mushroom at a time.

    About our guest:

    Eric Puro is the Functional mushroom pioneer based in Finland. He will be sharing his wisdom on their remarkable benefits and how they can supercharge your immune system, gut, and brain.

    From corporate consultant to biohacker enthusiast, Eric Puro's journey has been nothing short of inspirational. He is behind the most recognized Finnish Fungi brand- Kääpä mushrooms with one of the biggest cultivation in Nordics and Europe. As CEO of KÄÄPÄ Mushrooms, he's a true visionary, leading groundbreaking research on the power of fungi for human health

    What‘s included:

    • Full recording of the webinar

    • A free PDF recipe booklet with Functional mushrooms