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    BiOptimizers MassZymes (250 caps)

    €69,00 €69,95
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    BiOptimizers MassZymes (250 caps)

    €69,00 €69,95
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    Why use a supplement?

    Enzymes are proteins that perform a chemical reaction. They are not absorbed in the process and can therefore do a lot of work under the right circumstances. Enzymes are, among other things, involved in the digestive system, transforming carbohydrates, proteins and fats from food into easily absorbable chunks.

    The name of an enzyme indicates its function. Example:

    • Protease: an enzyme that breaks down proteins
    • Lipase: an enzyme that breaks down fats (lipids)
    • Lactase: an enzyme that breaks down lactose (milk sugar)

    The body itself makes enzymes for digestion naturally, but food is still often not completely digested. As a result, you may miss out on nutrients or have digestive problems.


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    BiOptimizers MassZymes (250 caps)

    BiOptimizers MassZymes: optimised digestive enzymes

    The MassZymes formula from BiOptimizers contains 16 different digestive enzymes and AstraZyme ™. The enzymes come from industrial fungi and pineapples. MassZymes contains 100,000 HUT protease per capsule, one of the highest doses on the market. And because of the mix of enzymes, there are always a few that do what you need.

    The enzyme mix is supplemented with AstraZyme ™, a patented mix of enzymes and extracts of Astragalus and Panax ginseng. AstraZyme supports the functioning and absorption of enzymes. As a result, the enzymes in MassZymes work better than enzyme mixes without AstraZyme, even with a lower enzyme dose.

    For every 10 jars of MassZymes sold, BiOptimizers donates 1 jar to the American Anti-Cancer Institute.

    All the benefits of BiOptimizers MassZymes

    • Complete coverage of your digestion with 16 different digestive enzymes
    • High dose with 100,000 HUT protease per capsule.
    • More efficient enzymes through the addition of AstraZyme
    • No fillers and artificial additives
    • One tenth of your purchase goes to charity