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    Effective training and stronger body through breathing

    The BREATH BELT is a training tool that has numerous benefits to muscle training performance. The belt is not only giving the last touch for glute training but also correcting movement and making it more effective. The Breath Belt is already helping thousands of customers and it is a powerful instrument for athletes or coaches to optimize rehabilitation and strength training.

    The Breath Belt is a wide elastic compressive belt designed to support core and improve diaphragmatic breathing during an exercise. Diaphragmatic breathing and optimal glute firing patterns are tied systems, and the belt acts as a powerful tool by linking those two functions while improving breathing capacity.

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    The mechanism actively lengthens and releases fascial restriction of abs and hip-flexors. Using The Breath Belt relieves stress by compressing the sacroiliac joints and prevents injuries by supporting tactile breath cues.

    How to use The Breath Belt?

    The belt can be worn under, or over clothing during an exercise. Double layers of wearable straps that are arrayed one after another, ensures sufficient compression throughout the whole workout. By supporting your lower back and directing muscle strengthening to the right places, the belt provides benefits from lighter workouts to weight-lifting or heavy muscle training. To optimize your performance, The Breath Belt provides built-in sleeves for two massage or tennis balls for adapting compression.

    How using The Breath Belt improves and supports your body?

    • Enhance parasympathetic response
    • Posture correction
    • Back pain reduction
    • Hip mobility & stability
    • Improved rotation
    • Intensifies diaphragm conditioning
    • Cue abdominals, QA, psoas, lats, glutes, and adductors

    The Breath Belt features ensuring a safe and comfortable workout

    • Light, breathable and high performance fabric
    • Wearable under or over clothing
    • Customisable active compression with a double-belt closure
    • Internal sleeves for exercising balls and 10 built-in stabilising supports
    • Supports lower back during activity enabling full range of motion