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    AQVA ULTRA 2 Tap Filter

    €49,00 €55,65
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    AQVA ULTRA 2 Tap Filter

    €49,00 €55,65
    local_offer Save 11%
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    The AQVA ULTRA 2 tap filter, made of stainless steel, is a convenient drinking water purifier that can be connected to the tap, which effectively filters impurities in tap water as well as more challenging microbiological impurities. It makes the water fresh and tasty. Easy to install.


    • Water can be taken either unfiltered or filtered. Straight from the tap spout, it comes unfiltered, for example, as dishwater. By turning the switch, water is directed through the filter and is fifiltered into fresh drinking water.
    • Easy installation without any tools.
    • A filter cartridge made in Finland that has been awarded the Key Flag Symbol to tell you about its domestic production.
    • In the heart of the AQVA ULTRA 2 tap filter is a top-quality 0.1 µm fiber filtration, taking tap water filtration to a new level. In addition to the most common impurities and odor and taste problems, it effectively removes microbiological impurities such as bacteria, yeasts, molds, and protozoa, which are otherwise difficult to remove.
    • A new type of ion exchange technology boosts the activated carbon filtration to a new level, enhancing the filtration capability.
    • The body of the filter cartridge is a combination of activated carbon and ion exchange filters to minimize the amount of plastic.
    • The outer shell made of stainless steel is highly durable with a hygienic surface. Stainless steel does not dissolve compounds, hence minimizes water contamination.
    • Because the product has no wearing parts with sliding surfaces, it has superior wear and use resistance. The valve mechanism is designed to withstand thousands of uses without leaks or issues.

    NOTE! Recommended for use in improving the quality of municipal water. For well or lake water only as a quality improver or recommended by an expert based on water analysis.

    How it works

    1. Large debris and sediments are filtered out of the water on the outer surface of the filter.
    2. The activated carbon of the asorbs several different types of water impurities and the ion exchange works effectively against several metals and heavy metals.
    3. Ultrafiltration filters bacteria, yeasts, protozoa, and micro debris, including microplastics down to 0.1 micrometers.

    Filter from water

    • chlorine
    • pesticides
    • heavy metals such as copper, lead, mercury and cadmium
    • lime
    • iron and rust
    • bacteria, viruses, yeasts and molds
    • microplastics
    • antibiotic and hormone residues
    • petrochemicals
    • phenols
    • solids down to 0.1 µm (0.0001 mm)

    Filter replacement interval

    • The capacity of the filter is up to a thousand liters, depending on the quality of the water. If there is a lot of rust, iron, humus, microbiological impurities or lime in the tap water, the capacity may be reduced.
    • A significant loss in purified water flow indicates that the filter is clogged. and the filter needs to be replaced.
    • Replacement interval 3–4 months/1–2 users, 1–2 months/4 users.
    • The filter is easy to replace. The replacement is done without tools.
    • Replacement filters are inexpensive.
    • Replacement filter product code: AQ003-2VU


    • The tap filter is connected to the tap spout by the threads of the aerator nozzle. Three different thread adapters are included.
    • Detailed installation instructions are located at the Downloads -tab.

    If your tap has special threads, measure the diameter of the tap aerator, and contact us to get the right special metal adapter from the list below.

     You can order suitable special metal adapters from us (contact customer support):

    • AQ080 converts threads from 18.5mm to 22mm
    • AQ081 converts short 22mm threads to longer 22mm threads. This extension piece is for taps where the aerator nozzle attaches to the tap spout with inner threads.
    • AQ082 converts threads from 24 mm to 22 mm
    • For Oras "La Cucina Alessi", Optima, Cubista and IKEA taps, Special adapter 18.5 mm -> 22 mm must be purchased separately. Product code: AQ080
    • For Oras taps with a 24 mm aerator nozzle (with external threads), a special adapter for 24 mm -> 22 mm is suitable. Product code: AQ082
    • Oras Safira 1030, Oras Safira 1035S, Oras 1825FG and Oras Care taps require a special adapter. Product code: AQ082

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