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    Upgraded Coffee Kit

    €63,00 €71,00
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    Upgraded Coffee Kit

    €63,00 €71,00
    local_offer Save 11%
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    Jumpstart your upgraded coffee routine



    Your daily cup of coffee is not just a pick-me-up, but a journey for your well-being. Imagine each sip as a vehicle, carrying not just the bold flavors of coffee but a cargo of goodness for your body.

    As you savor that rich brew, think of it as a transport system for healthy fats, like MCT oil, gracefully making its way into your system. These fats become your energy allies, boosting your brainpower and keeping you fueled throughout the day.

    But the adventure doesn't stop there. Collagen, the superhero of skin health, joins the expedition. Your coffee becomes a conduit for this vital protein, promoting not just a caffeine kick but supporting your hair, skin, and nails – your body's natural beauty team.

    So, your morning coffee is not just a routine; it's a journey of wellness. And this is just the beginning. Fat based coffee is an excellent delivery vehicle for all kinds of supplements. Every journey has to start somewhere. You can start yours here.

    Biohacker's Coffee bundle contains the following products

    • NoordCode Pure Coffee Medium Roast Ground (250g)
    • NoordCode Pure C8 MCT Powder (250g)
    • NoordCode Grass-Fed Pure Collagen (450g)

    Click below to learn more about each and remember to check out our other coffee related products

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    Upgraded Coffee Kit

    NoordCode Pure Coffee Medium Roast Ground (250g)

    NoordCode Pure Coffee Medium Roast Coffee is great for stronger coffee drinks, like Espresso and Cappuccino.

    Ethiopian style fermentation and slow roasting guarantee that the taste is optimal, without any bitterness or burnt aftertaste. The roasting process is optimized according to the latest scientific research and European standards. For roasting many factors affecting the quality are taken into consideration, like weather, humidity, and temperature of the beans. To maintain the same consistent flavor in each batch, the roasting process is a mix of traditional cupping (tasting) by master roasters and scientific sampling with a roast profile.

    NoordCode doesn't do dark roasting, like most commercial coffees. By over-roasting, the coffee gets a strong flavor that hides the toxins and oxidation. NoordCode Pure Coffee is ideally roasted, and you’ll notice the difference.

    • For 100% Arabica and single-estate
    • Medium roast, perfect for espresso-style coffees
    • Flavor notes of orange, citrus, and nuts
    • Cupping score of 88.5
    • Lab-tested for aflatoxins and molds
    • Slow roast to maintain the beneficial nutrients
    • Fresh aroma thanks to immediate vacuum packaging
    • Comes in an airtight container for easy storage

    NoordCode Pure C8 MCT Powder (250g)

    NoordCode Pure C8 MCT Powder contains only C8 MCTs from sustainably grown coconuts combined with acacia fibres. A 10-gram portion contains 7 grams of MCTs. MCT powder dissolves well in drinks, making it perfect to add to cakes or drinks such as smoothies and coffee. Acacia also contains prebiotic fibre, which feeds the gut bacteria.

    Too large a portion of MCTs, especially if your body is not used to it, may cause intestinal discomfort. MCT Oil Powder is gentler on the gut than normal MCT oil. This makes MCT powder a good starter option. You will also be able to consume a larger dosage of MCTs with powder than with normal oil before experiencing intestinal discomfort.

    MCT powder easily blends into drinks such as coffee. So you don't need a blender as, for example, with Bulletproof coffee with butter and liquid MCT Oil.

    NoordCode Grass-Fed Pure Collagen (450g)

    The average person gets hardly any collagen from food, leading to potential deficiencies.

    NoordCode Pure Collagen is made from 100% grass-fed, French cows and has been lab-tested for purity, ensuring a high-quality product.

    NoordCode Pure Collagen offers a solution to collagen deficiency by providing a high amount of functional Lysine and Proline amino acids and an optimal amino acid profile, all without added sweeteners, flavors, or preservatives. It is enzymatically processed to leave peptides undamaged, making it highly bioavailable and easy to digest.