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    NoordCode Pure Coffee Medium Roast Whole Beans (250g)

    €12,50 €14,00
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    NoordCode Pure Coffee Medium Roast Whole Beans (250g)

    €12,50 €14,00
    local_offer Сохранить 10%
    Цена за единицу  для 

    Why NoordCode Pure Coffee?

    NoordCode has high standards when it comes to choosing the coffee beans, the fermentation, and the roasting process. They care about the taste as much as about toxin-free farming.

    NoordCode Pure Coffee is 100% Arabica and single-estate from Brazil, Norte Pineiro. The farm "California" meets the high standards for ecological and toxin-free production. To monitor the quality, the coffee beans get tested in an independent laboratory.

    Ethiopian style fermentation and slow roasting guarantee that the taste is optimal, without any bitterness or burnt aftertaste. The roasting process is optimized according to the latest scientific research and European standards. For roasting many factors affecting the quality are taken into consideration, like weather, humidity, and temperature of the beans. To maintain the same consistent flavor in each batch, the roasting process is a mix of traditional cupping (tasting) by master roasters and scientific sampling with a roast profile.

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    NoordCode Pure Coffee Medium Roast Whole Beans (250g)

    NoordCode Pure Coffee is a well-balanced coffee that has optimal acidity and body. Orange and citrus are the first nuances you’ll sense, and the lingering aftertaste of nuts match perfectly with milk, butter, or cream.

    NoordCode Pure Coffee has a cupping score of 88.5 on a 100 point scale. Cupping is a way to evaluate a coffee's quality within the coffee industry. A cupping score over 85 points is considered a "Specialty" grade.

    Recipe Example

    See here biohacker Teemu Arina's Upgraded Mushroom Coffee recipe (blend and serve):

    Benefits of NoordCode Pure Coffee Medium Roast Whole Beans

    Choose NoordCode Pure Coffee Medium Roast Coffee if you want to brew stronger coffee drinks, like Espresso and Cappuccino. (Pick NoordCode Pure Coffee Light Roast Coffee for dripping style coffee makers.) You can also blend the coffee with NoordCode MCT oil and Ghee.

    NoordCode doesn't do dark roasting, like most commercial coffees. By over-roasting, the coffee gets a strong flavor that hides the toxins and oxidation. NoordCode Pure Coffee is ideally roasted, and you’ll notice the difference.

    • For 100% Arabica and single-estate
    • Medium roast, perfect for espresso-style coffees
    • Whole beans so you can adjust grinding to your personal needs
    • Flavor notes of orange, citrus, and nuts
    • Cupping score of 88.5
    • Lab-tested for aflatoxins and molds
    • Slow roast to maintain the beneficial nutrients
    • Fresh aroma thanks to immediate vacuum packaging
    • Comes in an airtight container for easy storage

    NoordCode Pure Coffee Medium Roast is also available in ground coffee beans.


    Grind only the amount you need for immediate use. The coffee tastes more fresh and intense when you grind the beans just before brewing. Store at room temperature in an airtight container, away from heat, direct sunlight, and moisture.


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