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    Biohack Your Work - Видеокурс онлайн

    €48,50 €69,00
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    Biohack Your Work - Видеокурс онлайн

    €48,50 €69,00
    local_offer Сохранить 29%
    Цена за единицу  для 

    Learn how work is changing today and how to adapt for tomorrow

    Work, or what we choose to do with our precious time that is meaningful for the world, is a pillar of biohacking. We invite you to join us with thought leaders in the field of work to understand deeper what's happening now & what's next.

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    Biohack Your Work - Видеокурс онлайн

    Presentations included in the package:

    • Ali Macdonald: Learning How To Learn
    • Blake Hutchison: Wanting To Start A Business ? Think About Buying One First
    • Boomer Anderson: Workflows For Biohackers: Create Space, Joy And Leverage
    • Brian Robertson: Hacking The Organization As An Organism With Holocracy
    • Chris Shipley: The Adaptation Advantage
    • Courtney Boyd Myers: The Power Of Community At Work
    • Daniel Eckert: Views on Virtual Reality in the Workplace from PwC
    • Darren Murph: Making Remote Work
    • Eduard De Wilde: Morning Rituals for Peak Performance
    • Frederic Laloux: Should We Optimize our Organizations or Should We Overhaul
    • Teemu Arina: Future Of Digitalization Of Work
    • Gary Bolles: What is the future of work and how we should think about it ?
    • Hassan Osman: Thriving with Virtual Teams
    • John Hagel: What Should Work Be and Other Thoughts on Work
    • Kimberly Unger: Thoughts on VR from the Leading VR Brand
    • Larry Gioia: Work / Life Integration , Thoughts in Connection
    • Michael Healy: Reducing Inequality on the Blockchain
    • Olli Sovijarvi: Upgrading Your Workplace and Workday
    • Paul Austin: Microdosing and its Potential Benefits at Work
    • Vessi Jalkanen: Expert Advice on Sitting Health and Work Ergonomics
    • Tero Isokauppila: Staying Healthy & Productive While Working Virtually
    • Jose Cordeiro: The Death of Death : Is Immortality Possible
    • Dr. Taryn Marie Stejskal: The New Rules Of Resilience: Thriving In An Uncertain Virtual World
    • Dr. Oz Garcia: Peak Performance Wisdom Gained Over 3.5 Decades