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    Lykaia A2 Goat Casein (300g)

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    Lykaia A2 Goat Casein (300g)

    €25,90 €0,00
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    Protein powder from A2 goats milk, neutral in taste

    • Made from 100% A2 goat milk
    • Neutral and creamy
    • Suitable for cooking and baking

    Lykaia Goat Casein is a creamy and neutral flavor protein powder made from  goat milk. It has pleasant texture, it is well-soluble and versatile. If you've been looking for a healthy and well-tolerated source of protein, this is truly a rare find: Lykaia A2 Casein, the first and only A2 protein powder on the market right now.

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    Lykaia A2 Goat Casein (300g)

    Why is A2 milk better?

    A2 milk is a type of original type of milk that is produced mainly by sheep, goats and but also by certain breeds of cows. In general, A2 milk is much more digestible and better tolerated than commercial cow's milk. Same applies to the proteins derived from these types of milk.

    A2 protein from goat's milk has a structure that makes it more digestible even for sensitive people with intolerances and autoimmune diseases.

    How can I use the A2 Casein?

    The A2 casein tastes neutral and creamy. It is therefore a great protein-rich addition to shakes, muesli, porridge or even creamy sauces. The casein is heat stable and is therefore ideal for cooking or baking. It can be used for a wide variety of meals including creamy curries and salad dressings or simply as a replacement for  flour when baking.

    Where does A2 casein come from?

    Lykaia A2 casein comes from goat's milk, pastured in farms in Austria. Why Austria? Goat husbandry in Austria has significantly higher requirements and better conditions for animal husbandry than anywhere else.

    Does it contain lactose?

    Yes, there is a residual component of lactose in Lykaia casein. In case you suffer from lactose intolerance, we recommend testing the product in small quantities first. The lactose from goat's milk is often better tolerated than that from cow's milk. Nevertheless, this should always be tried out for the individual case.

    Ingredients: 100% goats milk casein protein

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