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Biostrap Move Set (Activity & Sleep Tracker)

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Biostrap Move Set (Activity & Sleep Tracker)

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Biostrap Move Set - the most innovative wearable device

The Move Set includes: Activity Pod for movement tracking, and the brand new Biostrap EVO wristband, a personal health monitor that measures, analyzes, and provides personal actionable insights on:

  • Sleep quality (combining all your sleep metrics into an overall score ranging 0-100)
  • Recovery (representative of your ability to face stressors on a given day)
  • Nocturnal biometrics (heart rate, heart rate variability, oxygen saturation, respiratory rate)
  • Track accurate real-time HR and HRV data with your dedicated HRM sensor during exercise.

The best fitness tracker with a sleep monitor can help you get into a better sleep routine. Use our industry-leading software to help you recover faster from your workouts and exercise routines. Be healthier and happier than ever with the best fitness tracker with a sleep monitor. The Biostrap Move Set is perfect for you, if you want to improve your lifestyle with better sleep and recovery. 

Biostrap EVO Wristband:

  • 3-axis accelerometer
  • 3-axis gyroscope
  • Raw Waveform Optical Sensor (IR and Red)
  • 2.5-days battery life
  • 8MB Flash storage
  • Upgraded Antenna (5X faster sync times than the previous device)

What’s included in the box:

  • EVO Biosensor
  • Black Pin-Clasp Wristband
  • Activity Pod
  • Activity Clip
  • Single Slot Charger
  • 1m /39″ USB Cable
  • Quick Start Guide

If you are an athlete or someone who is living a very active lifestyle, then the biostrap move set may be the best fitness tracker for you. The Biostrap Move Set monitors your sleep, recovery, and exercise to help optimize your fitness journey. It has been designed with athletes in mind so it is perfect for people like you!

The biostrap move set has all the features you need to monitor your fitness journey. It monitors sleep, recovery, and exercise so that you can optimize your workouts for best results!

Monitor Sleep: The Move Set will track how long it takes you to fall asleep at night as well as how many hours of deep sleep (less than 30 mins) or light sleep (more than 30 minutes). This data is then converted and presented to you within your app. Knowing this information will help guide whether or not there are other factors preventing quality sleep which should be addressed such as drinking caffeine late in the day.

Track Recovery: Biostrap also tracks your levels throughout the day to ensure you are correctly recovering from your workouts and lifestyle in general. The recovery score is based on the following factors: time spent exercising, sleep quality, body stress levels, and how much you have exercised in a day.

Track Exercise: You can monitor your daily exercise as well with an array of data such as heart rate training zones (high-intensity aerobic workouts vs low-intensity cardio), VO max (maximal oxygen intake). This will help you optimize your workout routine and improve your fitness.

Designed and manufactured in California, USA.

1-year manufacturer warranty.

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