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    Biohacker Summit Video Recording 2022 Amsterdam: Hack the Ego

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    Biohacker Summit Video Recording 2022 Amsterdam: Hack the Ego

    €56,50 €81,00
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    Biohacker Summit Video Recording 2022 Amsterdam: Hack the Ego

    Watch top biohacking advice from some of the world's distinguished experts on optimal human performance, health, and well-being. This video bundle has been carefully crafted for your viewing pleasure: HD quality video recordings with multiple camera angles, mastered audio podcast recordings, speaker profiles, and presentation materials. These 44+ presentations from Biohacker Summit 2022 Amsterdam totaling 14+ hours of material will help you to put hack your personal development and keep your ego at check while doing so.

    Hack the Ego
    Do you sometimes feel that keeping your ego in control is a full-time job?

    When it comes to progress as a human being, we are often on the way of our own personal growth and mastery.

    The way we have learned to survive may be on the way of our very survival.

    Recognizing different aspects of yourself and your patterns of behavior is the key to becoming a better version of yourself.

    If you ...

    ... pursue personal growth mastery, but sometimes procrastinate and struggle.

    ... have deep curiosity of the inner workings of your own mind, but have sometimes been afraid to look in the mirror.

    ... want to win be successful, but have felt sometimes insecure or "not enough."

    ... want to live a long healthy life, but know that your days may be limited.

    ... if you answered yes to any one of these, then this conference in Amsterdam is just for you. Let go of "e" and go!

    Presentations in the Bundle

    Biohacker Summit 2022 Amsterdam

    DAY 1

    • Teemu Arina (FIN): The Dark Side of Biohacking Personal Development
    • Kasper Van Der Meulen (NLD): Breathing Beyond The Ego
    • Anna Lindfors (FIN): Evolve From Sexual Performance To Sexual Pleasure
    • Dr. Amy Killen (USA): Sexponential Medicine
    • Tateki Matsuda (JPN): Who is the Biggest Enemy?
    • Yogetsu Akasaka (JPN): Zen Practice for Hacking the Ego
    • Eduard De Wilde (NLD): Hack Your Ego with Neurofeedback Training
    • Jessica Alana (UK): Overcoming PTSD – How to Cope Loosing a Loved One
    • Govert Viergever (NLD): Pain – My Most Valuable Teacher
    • Chris Moore (DNK)Dr. Rex Gloria (PHL): Building Resilience Reducing Stress Using the Secrets Encoded in DNA
    • Julija Juric (HRV): Glycans – True Measure of Longevity
    • Anders Murman (SWE): Physics of Monitoring Managing Metabolism
    • Sakari Nikinmaa (FIN): Hack Your Oral Health
    • Alex Tarnava (CAN): Hydrogen Water Truth of Supplements
    • Christian Tullberg Poulsen (DNK): Longer Better Life Through Better Breathing
    • Veli-Jussi Jalkanen (FIN): Myriad of Benefits from Optimized Sitting
    • David Flusberg (USA): Deep Dive into Ego-hacked Art
    • Chris Kacher (USA): How to Age Regress
    • Matthew K. Cross (USA): PHIΦhacking Your Ego
    • Regan Hillyer Juan Pablo Barahona (CRI): Energetic Activation - Embody Your Vision

    DAY 2

    • Inka Land (FIN): The Neuropsychology of Mental Personal Development
    • Vishen Lakhiani (EST): The 6 Phase Meditation Method: How to Create Magic In Your Life
    • Leigh Ewin (AUS):Micro and Macrocosm Connections through Breath
    • Shawn Wells (USA): Brain Optimization with Psychedelics
    • Dr. Rob Konrad (GER/POL): State of Personalized Wellness – Hack the Ego with Data
    • Yarrow Willard (CAN): Holobionts in the Forest Pharmacy
    • Tim Gray (UK): 20 Top Biohacks You Can Start Today Why
    • Dorian Greenow (USA): Is Ketosis the Ultimate Biohack?
    • Ronan Diego de Oliveira (BRA): Body Meta-Transformation
    • Siim Land (EST): Metabolic Cheat Codes: Effortless Fat Loss Robust Health
    • Boomer Anderson (USA): Dating Your Ego: a Molecular Love Affair
    • Nikki Jumper (CAN): The Future of Light: A New Way To Heal
    • Melina Vicario (ARG): On Purpose Re-engineering Your Mental World
    • Baran Dilaver (USA):The Next Frenzy in Anti-Aging Supplements
    • NOA|AON aka Pavel Stuchlik (USA): How To Be Generally Awesome
    • Dmitry Gelfand Evelina Domnitch (NLD): Memory Vapor – Cosmic Rays From Outer Space
    • Max Gotzler (GER): Flow Ego - The Neuroscience of Happiness
    • Joe Cohen (USA): Mental Resilience by Changing Gene Expression
    • Teemu Arina (FIN): Becoming a Conscious Resilient Being
    • Aya Chiba (JPN), Mikko Heikinpoika Sakari Lehtonen (FIN): Crystallize Consciousness


    • Evil Raiders (GER)
    • Movement Stick (FIN)
    • Dutch Flow Academy (NLD)
    • Tom Middleton (UK)


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