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    Biohacker's Dream - 77 % + Lion's Mane & Bio Blueberries (55g)

    ‚ā¨8,00 ‚ā¨10,00
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    Biohacker's Dream - 77 % + Lion's Mane & Bio Blueberries (55g)

    ‚ā¨8,00 ‚ā¨10,00
    local_offer Tallenna 20%
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    Chocolate for The Thinking Biohacker

    Nibbling at this chocolate is not a sin, but a wonderful ritual. This is not just a simple sensory pleasure, but a wholesome functional fuel for your body and mind. As the square melts on your tongue, enjoy the full taste of cacao beans from an organic family farm in Colombia and the sweet dance of coconut sugar and freeze-dried blueberries.

    Taattu turvallinen ja varma kassa

    Biohacker's Dream - 77 % + Lion's Mane & Bio Blueberries (55g)

    The star of the biohacker chocolate is the lion’s mane adaptogenic mushroom extract, though. These mushrooms grew in the pristine, certified forests of Finland, and so they boast an exceptionally high concentration of active substances. Take a bite of this unique treat when studying or working, it will direct scattered thoughts, rewarding you with deeper focus. The chocolate was handmade in an artisanal chocolate factory in Prague, is vegan-friendly, and guaranteed to be one of its kind in the market.

    Chocolate with the ‚ÄúMushroom of the 21st century‚ÄĚ

    >We added lion‚Äôs mane mushroom extract from the Finnish brand K√Ą√ĄP√Ą Mushrooms to the chocolate! The ‚Äúmushroom of the 21st century‚ÄĚ is the ultimate food for your brain. In addition to beneficial beta-glucans, this mushroom also contains hericenones and erinacines, whose neuroprotective potential is being studied by scientists all over the world. For this chocolate, we used an extract from the fruiting bodies, where the concentration of beneficial substances is the highest.

    The purest mushrooms from certified forests

    The functional lion‚Äôs mane mushroom is so powerful thanks to the exceptional environment of Finnish forests. You will not find purer air or water anywhere in the world! Here lion‚Äôs mane grows on FSC or PEFC certified birch substrate. The growers at K√Ą√ĄP√Ą manage the largest area of certified forests in the world and guarantee the transparency of the entire production process. An innovative ultrasonic extraction technology ensures high availability and absorbability of the active substances from the mushrooms.

    Fair-trade cacao and artisanal ‚Äúbean-to-bar‚ÄĚ chocolate

    The cacao varieties responsible for the intense taste of this chocolate are trinitario and criollo. They were grown by Justiniano Suarez on his family eco-farm in Colombia. Justiniano uses only natural probiotics as fertiliser and has the utmost respect for both the workers and nature. The bean-to-bar approach ensures that every step of cacao processing is under control. The fermentation process is an essential part of it, as it improves its digestibility, bioavailability, and final taste.

    A complex superfood

    Cacao beans contain a number of active substances with stimulating effects that induce a pleasant state of alertness. They nourish the body with a helping of minerals such as magnesium, calcium, or iron. They are also a source of group B vitamins, vitamin C and E, as well as healthy fats and the alkaloid theobromine, an important nutrient. Moreover, cacao contains 3 times more flavonoids than green tea! You might be interested to learn that shamans used cacao beans to ward off negativity, bring about states of euphoria, and connect with the energy of one’s own centre - the heart energy.

    Freeze-dried blueberries full of taste and nutrients

    In this chocolate, you will chew your way to delicious organic blueberries. Thanks to lyophilisation, they preserve their original taste and nutrients, like freshly picked blueberries from the forest.

    • 77% cacao, of the trinitario and criollo varieties from an ecological farm.
    • With lion‚Äôs mane adaptogenic mushroom extract.
    • Sweetened with coconut sugar.
    • With freeze-dried blueberries.
    • Artisanal handmade chocolate.

    Ingredients: cacao beans, cacao butter, coconut sugar, freeze-dried blueberries, water, ethanol, Hericium extract, sunflower lecithin. Cacao content at least 77%.

    Nutrition facts

    Per 100 g

    Energy (kJ/kcal)

    2,505 / 601

    Fat (g)


    Of which saturated fatty acids (g)




    Of which sugars (g)


    Protein (g)


    Salt (g)



    Storage: Store in a dry and cool place.

    Country of origin: Czech Republic