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Remote consultation with Sexologist Anna Lindfors

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Remote consultation with Sexologist Anna Lindfors

€249,00 – (Price is shown without VAT tax. Final price and shipping calculated at checkout)
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Do you have low libido? Challenges with sex and sexuality? Problems in relationships or dating? Insecurities with body image or self-esteem? Simply want to enjoy sex more?

“We can’t become fully optimized human beings until we heal sexually.” - Anna Lindfors

Sexuality is our superpower, and yet so many are disconnected from it. Your sexuality is the core of your health that impacts all other areas of wellbeing. For example, it’s difficult to feel empowered, optimize performance at work, or enjoy sex if you can’t get it up. Or feel confident in dating and being intimate with someone when you feel insecure in your body. Not to mention how the well-being of your relationships impacts your health.

Similar to challenges with sexuality impacting all other areas of well-being, feeling sexually empowered and having a healthy relationship with yourself transcend your overall well-being and relationships with others. It’s that energetic and powerful feeling in meetings, enjoying the grind when working instead of burning yourself out trying to overperform, and having healthy relationships where communication is your strength - not your weakness.

Now you have the chance to reconnect with your sexuality and be empowered by it, instead of feeling shame and being limited by it -> Book a consultation with sexologist Anna Lindfors.

How common are challenges with sexual health?

According to research approximately 40-80% of women and 40-60% of men experience sexual dysfunction. This means that they fit the criteria for an illness, but let’s face it we all have challenges with sexuality. Due to the culture we live in nobody arrives into adulthood ‘sexually whole’: we all have shame and trauma about sexuality.

The most common challenges women experience globally with sexual health:

  • Low libido approx. 45% (up to 80% of women aged 55-75)
  • Low arousal (difficulty getting turned on) approx. 36%
  • Difficulty having an orgasm approx. 54%
  • Pain during/after sex up to 75%

The most common challenges men experience globally with sexual health:

  • Challenges with erection (e.g., erectile dysfunction) approx. 40% of men (up to 75% of men above 60)
  • Low libido/lack of desire approx. 10-50% of men depending on age
  • Sensitive ejaculation approx. 30%
  • Difficulty having an orgasm 5-65%

The causes behind these (and other) challenges with sexuality are often multidimensional (as in impacted by physiological, biological, social, mental, and emotional factors) and individual. That’s why working with a specialized professional is the best way to not only relieve your symptoms but to optimize sexual wellbeing and integrate it as part of your overall health.

Who is this consultation for?
If you…

  • have low libido
  • difficulty having an orgasm
  • sensitive ejaculation/challenges with erection
  • difficulty in dating/ forming healthy relationships
  • challenges with body image/ sexual self-concept
  • simply want to enjoy your sexuality and be empowered by it

Who is Anna Lindfors?

Sexologist & Psychologist (MA, MBPsS, COSCA)
Specialist in Sexological therapy (NACS 09/2022)
Consultant at Biohacker Center
Co-author of “The Resilient Being”
Co-founder of iXES - a startup promoting women’s sexual well-being

Anna is a biohacking sexologist specializing in sexological therapy. Through her profession, Anna sees how prevalent challenges with sexuality are: we all experience them. Her passion is to promote sexual health as part of holistic wellbeing and bring back pleasure to ALL areas of life.

Anna has a holistic approach to wellbeing focusing on the mind-body connection. Her consultations integrate Sexology, Cognitive Behavioural and Client-Centered therapy methods with biohacking and functional exercises to both understand the root causes of symptoms and optimize sexual wellbeing holistically.
Anna’s integrative approach to well-being stems from her professional and personal adventures around the world. Researching integrative therapy in Spain taught Anna the importance of mind-body connection and non-verbal communication. Supporting inmates in a rehabilitation program in a Brazilian youth prison showed Anna the resilience, humanity and aspiration for growth we all share. And now developing innovative concepts in preventive health care allows Anna to ride the wave of new technology and wellness innovations. That’s why she co-founded iXES to promote women’s sexual well-being in a new innovative way.

It’s about time to optimize your sexual well-being - it’s the missing piece in your overall well-being.

  • Remote consultation is done via Zoom call (or if Zoom doesn’t work for you, other video conference platforms are arrangeable)
  • During an hour (60 mins) call, Anna will formulate the challenges you’re having and creates a holistic & practical plan for overcoming them together with you.
  • The intention of remote consultation is to promote sexual wellbeing. In the remote consultation, Anna does not deal with issues related to diseases or medications. The consultation does not replace a doctor's visit and is not intended to treat or cure any disease.
  • After ordering the service, we will contact you to fill in the pre-information form and agree on the time of the remote consultation with Anna Lindfors. If you want, you can send her practitioner’s (e.g., medical doctor, physiotherapist, psychologist, nutritionist) reports etc. before the consultation to help with the formulation.

Note that in the remote consultation, sexologist Anna Lindfors does not deal with issues related to diseases or medications, The consultation does not replace a doctor's visit and is not intended to treat or cure any disease.

Anna helps clients around the world: e.g., Finland, Europe, South Africa, Seychelles, India, USA.

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