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    Drink HRW AGEless Defense (120 caps)

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    Drink HRW AGEless Defense (120 caps)

    €63,95 €63,95
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    Drink HRW AGEless Defense (120 caps)

    Meet the first supplement formulated to stop AGEs (advanced glycation end products) linked to accelerated aging and wrinkles. AGELESS DEFENSE is your guardian for overall vitality thanks to compounds scientifically shown to fight AGE formation.

    AGELESS DEFENSE is a combination of compounds that show promise for inhibiting and defending against AGEs. AGEs are formed when sugar reacts with fat or protein and these volatile molecules are linked to oxidative stress, inflammation, osteoarthritis, wrinkles, and many other chronic issues.

    Why should you use AGELESS DEFENSE?

    You can think of AGELESS DEFENSE as extra protection against the effects of diet and lifestyle. It’s your shield against advanced glycation end products. It’s impossible to stop AGEs completely. They’re in the food we eat and they form spontaneously as blood glucose reacts with protein and lipids. But when too many AGEs accumulate in our body, it damages collagen—the structural protein that binds our skin and organs together. This is called AGE crosslinking, and it stands opposed to healthy aging.

    The AGELESS DEFENSE is developed to mitigate AGE crosslinking and stop AGEs from forming in the first place. Our goal is to help you defend your cells in your quest for long-term health.


    AGELESS DEFENSE is for anyone who is willing to spend a few extra buck to support their longevity. It’s for the health enthusiasts, the grandparents, and even the young people who want to gain the advantage in the fight against undesired effects of aging.

    Are These Ingredients Safe?

    The compounds in AGELESS DEFENSE have been safely used in a number of clinical studies. You can rely that you’re getting exactly what it says on the label.


    Ingredients: Vitamin C (100mg), Vitamin B6(30mg), Proprietary Blend(1880mg): L-Carnosine, L-Taurine, alpha-Lipoic Acid, Bilberry Powder, benfotiamine, curcuwin*, Rosmarinic Acid, Resveratol pyridoxine, cinnamon powder, clove powder Non-medical Ingredients: Sodium Stearyl Fumarate, Microcrystalline Cellulose.

    *curcuwin has shown to have over 100 times the bioavailability of standard curcumin**

    **Bioavailable curcumin formulations: A review of pharmacokinetic studies in healthy volunteers, Journal of Integrative Medicine

    How to use: Take 4-8 capsules per day, with food if possible.