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    AQVA ULTRA Tap Water Filter

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    AQVA ULTRA Tap Water Filter

    €55,65 €55,65
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    AQVA ULTRA Tap Water Filter

    Aqva's top-quality, easy-to-install faucet filter for optimal daily water intake

    The AQVA ULTRA filter has been developed for the efficient removal of the most typical types of pollutants detected from municipal water. It effectively purifies drinking water and makes it fresh and tasty.

    The AQVA ULTRA series faucet filter contains a high-quality hollow fiber section. The screen size of the hollow fiber is 0.1µm, which removes not only all solids and microplastics, but also almost all bacteria, yeasts, molds, protozoa and parasites. Water hygiene is rising to a whole new level. The hollow fiber is manufactured by Mitsubishi of Japan.

    The structure of the product is designed so that there are no wearing sliding parts. In this way, the product has gained superior wear and service resistance even in higher pressure networks and high-chlorine waters.

    4-step filtering:

    • 1-Removal of large solids and fines from water, 0.1 millimeters
    • 2-Oxidation and rejection
    • 3-Adsorption (activated carbon)
    • 4-Ultrafiltration, 0.1 micrometer


    The product is connected to the end of the faucet in the threads of the whirlpool nozzle directly or with the supplied threaded adapters (5 pcs.).

    Very easy filter replacement and inexpensive replacement filters. Replacement is done without tools.

    Filter coverage

    The filter capacity is up to 1000 liters. The yield of the filter depends on the quality of the water. Estimated consumption 1-2 people 3-4 months, for a family of four 1-2 months. The filter has about 30% overcapacity.

    If the water to be treated contains significant rust, iron, humus, microbiological impurities, or lime, the yield may be less than 1000 liters. The need for replacement due to clogging is noticed as a slowdown in the flow of purified water.

    Removes/reduces from water e.g. the following types of pollutants:

    • Chlorine: 100%
    • Petrochemicals: 98%
    • Phenols: 99%
    • Pesticides: 95%
    • Heavy metals: 98% such as copper, lead, mercury, cadmium, etc.
    • All forms of iron: Fe, Fe2 +, and Fe3 +, as well as other metals.
    • About 50% of lime
    • pH has no effect on cleaning efficiency. Activated carbon alone is partially sensitive to changes in pH.
    • Microbiological contaminants such as bacteria, yeasts, molds, cysts, protozoa, and parasites. (filter utilization and water quality may be affected)
    • Antibiotic and hormone residues
    • Solids up to 0.1µm (1 / 10,000th of a millimeter)
    • Microplastics

    Recommended for use with already pre-treated municipal water. For well or lake waters only as a quality improver or recommended on the basis of water analysis.